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Dog grooming in charlotteBe sure to join Fluffs of Luv at our downtown Pineville cat and dog grooming salon, where your pet can enjoy their very own spa day! A bath, new hair cut, nail trim, and even pet supplies are available. Regardless of breed, size, and age, all dogs and cats are welcome! 

Our certified master groom, Carla, answered a few commonly asked questions that you might also be wondering when you call to schedule your appointment:

My dog has never been groomed before. What should I know before I bring him it?

Make sure your pup is up to date on all shots. If your new pet is just a puppy, she’ll get a puppy introduction to familiarize her to the grooming process. We’ll show her around and let her have a sniff at the equipment, such as the trimmer, we’ll be using. We want your pup to like coming to the groomers! 

Also, be aware that the first few times grooming may take a little longer so we can spend quality time with your pet.

What's included in the grooming package?

Bath, nail trim, haircut of your choice (or a standard breed haircut). We can also express anal glands, if needed. 

How can I keep my dog looking his best at home? (And should I really be brushing his teeth?)

Brush on a daily basis! Brushing will help your dog get used to being touched all over (helpful for the groomer and the vet office) as well as keep her coat looking its best, as well as preventing any mattes in her fur. Nails can be trimmed at home, or you can make an appointment with us for just a nail trim. 

Teeth should be brushed on a daily basis as well! Brushing will only be effective if you are consistent. Dogs and cats have plaque buildup just like we do.

Should I get my cat groomed regularly?

While it is true that cats normally clean themselves, regular brushing or combing will help at home. 

A grooming appointment may be necessary if the hair is too long around the anal area and needs to be cleaned up. We can also remove mattes in your cat’s fur. 

Claws also need trimming, which we can help out with as well.  

dog groomerWhat kind of training do you have? How long have you been a groomer? 

I learned one on one with a master groomer and then become a master groomer myself. I’m also certified in creative style and color. 

I’ve been grooming for over 25 years! My favorite part of the job is being an artist to the pets. Making pets feel great is such a joy!

By Rachel Leisemann Immel

Fluffs of Luv Pet Care offers an array of customized pet care services, including in home pet sitting, dog walking, cat only pet sitting, overnight visits and cat and dog grooming and more. As the most reputable pet sitters and dog walkers in Charlotte and the surrounding area, Fluffs of Luv has put countless clients at ease by caring for their cherished companions while they were away.  Give Fluffs of Luv a call for a free in home consultation for pet care or to set up a grooming appointment 704-440-4080 or visit 

Many pet parents are overjoyed with having their furry baby to play with, spoil, and exercise on a daily basis.  At times you may contemplate whether your pet should get groomed regularly. You may have a short-haired pet companion so you think “they do not need it” or you may have a long coated pet that needs frequent brushing and coat care but you think “I would love to have them groomed frequently but time does not permit.”
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fluffs of luv groomerCarla has lived in and around the Charlotte area her whole life.  She has 20 years of combined experience of all breed pet grooming.  Carla specializes in client specific styling.  ”It’s paws-ativly important to me that your fur – babies have a comfortable and stress free grooming experience.  Its all about quality before quantity,” adds Carla.  Carla shares her home with two pups named Sargent Major and Domino.  She also has been in the Army National Guard for six years and is a volunteer firefighter.  To book your grooming appointment with Carla by calling 704-440-4080. 

Fluffs of Luv Grooming specializes in maintaining your dog’s appearance and well-being. We believe regular grooming is essential to a healthy pet and we offer a peaceful, clean and safe environment for your pet. Regardless of breed, size and age, all dogs and cats are welcome!

Our staff will give your furry loved one personalized, hands-on care.  Get tips to ensure your pet stays looking fabulous!!

We can't wait to play with your furry family member. Call us today for a FREE consultation.

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