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I'm always trying to find new toys that my dog will love that doesn't just involve chewing, but stimulates her thinking as well. I have found that the Kong toys are great for that because I can fill is up with treats and whatnot and she has to figure out how to get them out. Sometimes I even shove big treats in there (thinking it will take her hours) to keep her more occupied.

It doesn't always have to be unhealthy either. Yes we all like to spoil our pets but why not make it healthy at the same time? One thing I really like to do it fill the Kong with nonfat vanilla yogurt and stick it in the freezer. Sometimes I will even add some other things, like bananas. Sadie loves this! Once it's frozen it has her working at it for a long time, it's healthy, and it's a great way to cool her off on a hot summer day.

The Kongs come in all sizes so pick what is best for your pet!


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Written by Kaleigh

20130314_170735Wondering if the FURminator deshedding tool lives up to it's claims? As you can see by the accompanying photo, it does! Both of my dogs have short coats and still shed relentlessly, but the FURminator really does the job of getting excess hair off your pet and my dogs LOVE having it done. They jump with excitement when I get it out of the box and sit patiently through the process. And it can be a lengthy process creating piles and piles of removed hair. With that in mind, I have heard some people who have not had as much success with the product when using it on a long haired/heavy coated dog or cat. FURminator has had improvements added since its original debut on the market. It now has a fur ejector or release button that pushes the hair out of the brush. Previously you had to pick it out with your hand. Also, newer models are available for toy through giant breed dogs as well as cats that are appropriate to the animals size and supposedly can pull more hair from the undercoat. I have not had the opportunity to try out the large breed version. The website has replacement blades and parts available for purchase if needed as well as accompanying products such as brushes and shampoos. The deshedder tool itself runs around $50.00, depending on the size you purchase and is available online and in pet stores.

by Dana Schaeffer April 2013

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2/18/2013 by Jennifer Fagan ~ Fluffs of Luv Pet Sitting

Do you have a dog that drools after they take a drink of water?  Where there is a trail of water from the bowl to where your pup is now sitting?  When you look down it looks like all the water they just supposedly drank is now on the floor!  Or do you have a dog that is very messy when he or she eats and the food lands on the floor?  Well I have a German Shepherd that this fits to a T.  

From the time Konig (king in German) was a puppy he loved to lay next to the water bowl or when he drank he would put a paw in the bowl.  Silly little boy!  As he grew Konig would take a drink and most of the water landed on the floor around the bowl or there was a trail of water that you would step on or slip on.  Good times!  Continue reading

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