Fluffs of Luv Poop Scooping

poop scoopingStart enjoying your backyard more without the risk of stepping in waste left by your favorite furry family member.  Fluffs of Luv Poop Scooping currently only offers ongoing  weekly on a specified day (weather permitting) to clean your pooches poop from your yard. You do not have to be home for the cleaning, we just need access to your backyard. We require that all new clients have an initial cleaning preformed before starting a poop scooping schedule. Prices include 1 dog, each additional dog is $3 more. Should inclement weather occur, cleaning will be rescheduled that week. There is no monthly contract and this service is only available for local customers, call us to find out if we service your area. All cleaning tools and shoes are disinfected prior to cleaning and after yard cleaning to prevent the transfer of disease from yard to yard.  Give us a call at 704-421-3492 or email us at FOLPoopScooping@gmail.com to set up service.  
  • $10 per Week (1 dog) poop scooping on an ongoing basis
  • $25 Initial Poop Cleaning (Required)
  • $3 For Each Additional Dog

We can't wait to play with your furry family member. Call us today for a FREE consultation.

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