2/18/2013 by Jennifer Fagan ~ Fluffs of Luv Pet Sitting

Do you have a dog that drools after they take a drink of water?  Where there is a trail of water from the bowl to where your pup is now sitting?  When you look down it looks like all the water they just supposedly drank is now on the floor!  Or do you have a dog that is very messy when he or she eats and the food lands on the floor?  Well I have a German Shepherd that this fits to a T.  

From the time Konig (king in German) was a puppy he loved to lay next to the water bowl or when he drank he would put a paw in the bowl.  Silly little boy!  As he grew Konig would take a drink and most of the water landed on the floor around the bowl or there was a trail of water that you would step on or slip on.  Good times!  For years I tried everything from placements that are suppose to absorb water, to trays to towels, you name it I tried it!  All I ended up with was a wet mess and not to mention moldings that were starting to get ruined from the water!  Then I saw this bowl contraption that has ended up being the answer to what I was looking for!!!  It’s called the Neater Feeder.  At first I wasn’t sure because the price tag is a little high, but I figured what the heck.

I now have an answer to my water bowl woes.  I have no water spills on the floor or ruined baseboards.  Since having the Neater Feeder I don’t worry about my hardwoods getting damaged or slipping on water.  The Neater Feeder comes in three different sizes for dogs and even one for cats and kittens.  It is a two part system that allows for the spilled water to go in a lower tray that can easily be dumped out when you are refreshing your pets water bowls.  Check it out at www.neaterfeeder.com.

And if you need help feeding your pets while you are away on vacation don’t forget to give us a call to set up your Charlotte pet sitting through www.fluffsofluv.com.