We all love our furry family members. They fill our hearts and homes with so much joy. Unfortunately there are times that we can not be with them. These are the times when your pets will benefit from having their own friend!

 Why get a pet sitter for my dog?

 There are many reasons to hire a pet sitter for your pooch.

 *Does your dog get bored while you’re at work?- A pet sitter can have a play date with Fido, after some time of play your pup will be ready for a snooze till you get home.

* Is your dog packing on the pounds?- Fido’s pet sitter would love to visit and take him for a walk.

*Are you going out of town?- A pet sitter not only will take care of your furry babies, but your house as well. By bringing in the mail, rotating lights/blinds, and watering plants your house will appear that someone is home.

*Is your puppy to small to be left alone?- Your pup at this small age is just learning to walk on a leash, how to hold their bladder, and how to be a great dog. Having an extra person to help you is a blessing. Pet sitters can come one, or two + times a day to help train, feed and give them a chance to potty or play.

*Do you need help transporting to the vet/groomer?- No need to worry about running on your lunch break, or asking to get out early  to pick up your pup. A pet sitter can transport to the groomers, or the vet.

*You don’t have time to pick up Poo?- You can have a pet sitter scoop up poo on a visit, or schedule an extra scoop day.

*Do you need help dispensing medicine?- A pet sitter can help you give medicines, whether it be a pill, shot, or topical ointment.  

 There are many other reasons to call Fluffs Of Luv704-421-3492….

 But what if I have a cat? Cats can benefit from having a pet sitter too!

 *Have you just left some food down on past trips?- Cats are mischievous critters, they may get themselves locked somewhere, or break something and hurt themselves.

*Have you had your neighbor or a friend stop by?- Unfortunately things come up, and sometimes they just forget. It is best to set up a professional to visit Fluffy and crew.

*Do you have a sick kitty?- Although pet sitters are not trained Vet Techs, they do have experience in giving pills, injections, and ointments. They can help you give, or ease your mind while you are away relaxing on the beach.

*Are you pregnant or just had surgery?- A pet sitter can come in and clean the litter box and take care of your kitties while you relax.

I have a rabbit, guinea pigs or chinchillas, etc…..

Many critters will benefit from seeing a pet sitter while you are away on vacation or at work. Becoming part of the Fluffs of Luv family is easy! Call 704-421-3492 to set up your free consultation!