Does your dog suffer from anxiety?

Anxiety is not only stressful for our pets it is stressful for the family. We all want our four-legged family members to feel comfortable and at ease, which is why products like usa grown cbd for pets exist. No one wants to see their pet stressed, as it is not always easy to deal with, especially as a pet owner. However there are many factors that can trigger anxiety. Help your pet’s nerves with herbal remedies, they are safe and effective.

Bach Flower has formulated many remedies for ailments that effect animals and their human counterparts. Valerian root is effective in reducing restlessness and stress or add White Chestnut to help your pet sleep and reduce worry. Separation anxiety is common, especially with rescue pets, Rescue Remedy or Red Chestnut can be used to help ease the anxiety your pet feels when their human companion is away. Rescue Remedy can be added to their water or a few drops directly in their mouth. For other herbal remedies, add to boiling water to make a tea and give daily. Herbal remedies do not work immediately, it is ideal to give daily and long term for your pet to obtain the benefits. CBD oil is another natural treatment for anxiety in dogs. It is a derivative of cannabis that helps with chronic pain and digestion, as well as anxiety. If you are interested in learning more about this emerging treatment, then you can look at this cbd dog faq.

Another effective way to help your companion is add nutritional balance to their diet. Vitamin B complex is known to aid in stress relief and nervous system health among many. Pets can get this by adding nutritional yeast to their diet; mix with crushed eggshell or bone meal to ensure your pet does not get mineral imbalance.
Consult your veterinarian before starting any treatment plan. For more information regarding holistic anxiety remedies with your pet pick up “The Healthy Animal Handbook” by Dr. Viv Harris.

Always contact your veterinarian before starting any new med program or herbs since they know your pets current health the best.
by Arianne Ortiz

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