Do you have a swimmer? It is that time of year when our four legged friends take advantage of summer fun by splashing around or cooling off in the pool. While swimming is a great way to exercise your companion or simply cooling them off with water, it comes with some warnings. Ear infections are common in companions that have floppy ears and or love to get wet or live in humid conditions. Common ear infections among swimmers are; yeast andor bacteria. These are very uncomfortable and cause extreme itchiness; if undetected ear infections can become a chronic serious condition. Common signs of ear infections are pawing at the ear constantly, shaking of the head, rubbing their head against the floor, and pungent odor with dark debris in the ear. Here’s the good news, you can help prevent the occurrence or severity of ear infections by practicing proper ear hygiene. There are many products at your local veterinarian’s office that can act as an ear cleaner and astringent or you can go organic and all natural by making a simple home solution and use it every weekly to every two weeks depending on how often your friend enjoys water time.

Home ear cleaning recipe:

2 cups distilled water

1 cup apple cider vinegar

Mix vinegar and water in a squeeze bottle then gently squirt into your canine companion’s ear. Massage at the base of the ear for roughly 90 seconds each ear. Allow your canine companion to shake then take a cotton ball and wipe out the excess. You should have enough solution to last for multiple cleanings.

Another effective way to keep those unwanted invaders away from your canine companion’s ear is to use witch hazel. You can purchase a witch hazel solution at your local pharmacy. Soak cotton balls in the solution and wipe your pets ears ensuring you massage as you wipe.

If you notice any odor or debris make sure you contact your local veterinarian.

Additionally, if your dog enjoys swimming in your garden pool, it is also a good idea to invest in a pool cleaner. Robot pool cleaners are a popular way to make sure that your swimming pool stays clean and hygienic so that you and your dog can relax in a sparkling clean pool. A lot of people have bought robot pool cleaners based on this review and others, so do not be afraid to do your research and shop around to find a robot pool cleaner that meets your needs.

By Arianne Ortiz April 2013.

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