As our companions age they can face the painful effects of arthritis and muscle/bone degeneration. Our furry companions rarely tell us when something is wrong which is why it is important to go the extra mile to ensure optimum health. There are many ways to help ease their comfort level coupled with veterinarian recommended treatments. Acupressure massage is a quick easy method that has many health benefits for your furry companion. It increases overall health, improves circulation, strengthens the immune system, breaks down the pain cycle, relieves stiffness and muscle issues, relieves stress, and helps reduce scaring and pain due to surgery and trauma. These are just a few health benefits that acupressure massage holds. Acupressure massage is relaxing to your furry companion and you along with providing a trust that many companions need especially if they are from a rescue or have anxiety issues. A comfortable blanket or yoga mat serves as a great spot for your companion to relax on. Start at the top of the head which holds a pressure point that triggers calmness and work your way to the base of the tail down the legs. All it takes is 20 minutes or so daily to every other day then as needed and you will begin to see the difference and so will your furry companion as they relax in the sun!

By Arianne Ortiz – May 2013

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