Don’t ask me why… As pet sitters- of course we replenish water and food, go for walks , and play with “our” client’s fur babies . But I think a great pet sitter always wipes away the gunk in the animals eyes before they say good bye. To me, It’s like a good Mommy wiping their child’s nose off. A good pet sitter will give hugs, check their paws to make sure the pets have no boo boos, and yes, wipe their eyes!  It seems silly but I always felt like my pet was cared for most when I was away when my pet sitter told me when my pet had a boo boo, or if their poo poo was looking funny, and when my pets face and eyes were clean.  I then felt like they were cared for with such love – like how a child is cared for.  And to me, animals are our fur babies!  It’s caring for the animals with such care and concern that is noticed by all … And I always try to keep this in my head whenever I service a client.  Remember …wipe the gook off their eyes before you say good bye …. It shows how much you care about that little fur baby!

By Michelle Terninko

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