YorkieWhen we think of pet sitters we tend to think of our next out of town trip and ensuring your pet gets his favorite sitter while you are away. Although this is essential, here is some food for thought: who cares for your puppy while you are at work? Puppies are like babies, they require lots of love and attention along with training. It can be a taxing yet rewarding job to potty train your puppy given the amount of accidents and frequent potty time outdoors. Most of us work a traditional eight hour day with no time to run home and let your new family member outside for a potty break and snack. When we get home most of our efforts are fruitless with potty accidents and a dirty yet happy puppy. For those of you who crate train, as I have, I know the feeling when you walk in the door to a colorful puppy playing in the lovely soup he has made with his potty accident. If you block off a space for your puppy while you are gone then boy what an even bigger mess to clean up. What this is doing is telling your puppy it is OK to potty in her living space which is very counterproductive. Pet sitters are an excellent resource for all your puppy’s needs while you are out of town or at work. By scheduling a mid-day potty and playtime, your puppy will stay on track with potty training, will get a mid-day snack that is much needed for a growing puppy, and enjoy an afternoon of play. Going out of town? A pet sitter is the perfect solution, with tailored visits to keep your puppy on track you will enjoy all the benefits of having a pet sitter. Most importantly your puppy will avoid all the hiccups boarding may offer. 

By Arianne Ortiz

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