18577_1215053541802_1392720396_31041505_5736096_nVacation time is an exciting time that comes with the stress of who will care for your pets and the safety of your home while you are gone. Although a pet sitter’s primary care is your companion friend, there are many safety aspects that come along with having pet sitters versus boarding. Pet sitters come into your home and care for your furry friends, which creates a sense of “living”. When it appears that lights are on and off throughout the day and night, as well as alternating lights, this aids in deterring individuals from targeting your home. Allowing your pet to be heard, such as barking when someone approaches, or seen, as many of our cat friends enjoy basking in the window sills, by passers-by, adds to the safety factors when away from your home. We never expect anything to go wrong doing our time away from home, however if that should occur why wait until you get home to discover those unforeseen events. There are little yet effective things that pet sitters will do for you and your companion to aid in ensuring your pet’s safety and the safety of your home such as taking in the mail and newspapers daily, taking trash out on garbage day, alternating shades, using the alarm, and checking doors to make sure they are locked and secured. With a pet sitter caring for your companion friend you can have confidence that you will be notified of any noticeable unforeseen events or emergencies in your home; this may reduce the amount of time and expenses you may exert if you come home to the unwanted surprise. Boarding facilities care for your pet in their environment leaving you with the added stress of who will watch over your home while you are gone.

By Arianne Ortiz

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