Ratbone Rescue

When we were looking to add to our furry family we came across Ratbone Rescue. I was instantly impressed with Ratbone Rescue. They try to rescue every rat terrier, or a rat terrier mix, that they can. I came across the story of a pregnant Rat terrier that was found walking the streets of Louisiana. This lonely little girl was picked up by the local kill shelter, and luckily they took care of her. While at the shelter she had 7 beautiful little babies. Ratbone Rescue heard about her and rescued the whole family. They were transported to Oklahoma by people that donated their time and gas to get them to their first stop. The family stayed in Oklahoma while a foster home was found for them. It took just a couple of weeks for a foster home to be ready for them. Once again angels donated their time and gas to get the family all the way to New York.


As you can see in the picture above, they were so cute!! We instantly fell in love with them. At the time her name was Azzaria (now Samantha) she is the taller tri-colored. We put in an interest form, and they called us. Then they contacted our references, our veterinarian. Then with in a week we had a nice lady come to our home to make sure that we were a good fit. As soon as we got the approval, we were planning Samantha’s trip to NC. She traveled here on a special RV, a company called Happy Trails transports: www.happytrailstransport.com

We were so happy to see our new addition! She instantly ran to our arms and kissed our happy tears! Josephine and Samantha were instant best friends, two peas in a pod.

If you are looking for a companion check out Ratbone Rescue at www.ratbonerescues.com.

By Rachel Thompson