IMG_0582Puppy’s should be fed three times a day until they reach six months of age and naturally need frequent potty breaks, so that they can be easily potty trained.  Fluffs of Luv will provide the special attention your puppy needs while you are away at work or traveling. Your puppy will benefit from a potty break, feeding, playtime and lots of love and attention. Some owners choose to do 2 visits while they are away at work so that their young pup can relieve themselves until their bladder gets a little bigger.  Then they move it to one visit a day usually at lunchtime.  Choose from a 10 min Potty Break, a 20 min visit or a 30 min full visit. Add $1 per visit if you are located in our extended area.  Check out our discounted weekly mid day visits if you are needing care more than 3 times each week!

  • $13 Potty Break (10 Mins)
  • $15 Potty & Play (20 Mins)
  • $17 Full Pet Sitting Visit (30 Mins)
Fluffs of Luv Pet Sitting offers an array of customized pet care services, including in home pet sitting, dog walking, cat only pet sitting, overnight visits and more. As the most reputable pet sitters and dog walkers in Charlotte and the surrounding area, Fluffs of Luv has put countless clients at ease by caring for their cherished companions while they were away.  Give Fluffs of Luv a call for a free in home consultation 704-421-3492 or visit