Many pet parents are overjoyed with having their furry baby to play with, spoil, and exercise on a daily basis.  At times you may contemplate whether your pet should get groomed regularly. You may have a short-haired pet companion so you think “they do not need it” or you may have a long coated pet that needs frequent brushing and coat care but you think “I would love to have them groomed frequently but time does not permit.”
You may not think of grooming as having health benefits, however there are plenty and you will be happy to hear them. Grooming provides a second set of “eyes” for your pet’s skin and coat. Groomers are seasoned in looking for slight hair loss, dryness, or irritants that pet parents may not be aware of. This can give you an awareness before your pet shows noticeable signs that they may be in need of extra care. Groomers are seasoned in looking in your pet’s ears and mouth; again this provides potentially early detection of ear infections, gum inflammation and tarter buildup. Oral care is essential in your pet’s health. Bacteria from tarter buildup is swallowed multiple times a day causing potential threat to their organs, especially their hearts. A groomer will be able to inform you of concerns and from there provide tips, preventative measures and alert you that you may need to make a doctor’s appointment for your furry friend. Parasites are unwanted intruders that every pet encounters at some point, by having them groomed you are reducing the infestation of parasites such as mites, fleas, and ticks. Another, and very important, health benefit of grooming is detecting lumps or tumors in early stages. It is easy to miss a small mass that hides under your pet’s skin. Groomers will scan your pet for them and alert you rather than the lump growing rapidly to a noticeable size. Imagine if your groomer notified you of a small lump that appeared within weeks, you are able to get your pet to the veterinarian and have it checked out. Help your pet give fresh kisses and get back in your bed without the odor! Make your grooming appointment today!

By Arianne Ortiz

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