Is your dog like every dog out there and looks forward to treat time every day? Does your dog sit with anticipation as you head for the treat bowl only to stare at you with the “mom I can’t believe I am only getting one, but I did sit and stay!” Like your furry friend, my dog does just that. Ever time the I shake the treat box, it starts to make a sound quite close a howl. As it was getting too loud for the society I live in, the only option I had was reducing dog noise, and after the treatment, everything has been much better. I give my furry friend high quality all natural treats; not only does she go crazy over the bag I have a peace of mind knowing I am providing her with the best quality treats I can. I bet you are thinking “what type of treats does she buy” and the answer is Charlee Bears! That’s right, they are made with your pet’s health in mind. Charlee Bears are made with all natural ingredients and baked for just the right crispy texture your dog will love. Charlee Bears have only 3 calories per treat so you can rest knowing your pet will not gain excess weight with the proper amount. The average store bought dog treat has a range of 30-120 calories per treat and are highly processed making them an all-around unhealthy choice for your furry friend. Your pet will love you even more when 10 treats are passed out instead of one.

Grab a handful before you head out for that evening walk or car ride your pet loves so much. You can put them in your pocket or small zip lock bag, just remember wherever you put them your dog’s nose is sure to follow. Next time you need to buy treats put the leash on your fury friend and stop by so they can pick out their bag of Charlee Bears!

By: Arianne Ortiz

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