What’s in a name? Oh-so-much. Your name is your identity. And when it comes to your dog, you’re probably going to be yelling it daily for the next several years. Choose wisely.

If you want to name your pup something trendy, check out DogTime.com for an accurate list. But if you’re looking for something fresh, exciting (maybe even a little strange), then enjoy this list of names crafted by Deanna. She meticulously combed through PetMD’s 250+ names for male and female dogs and picked her favorites—ones that made her laugh, say “awww,” or appreciate the pop culture nod.

OK, honestly, some of them are just fun to say out loud!

Male names:

1.      Delgado

2.      Trapper

3.      Moose

4.      Grommit

5.      Klaus

6.      Emmet

7.      Bacon

8.      Loki

9.      Boomer

10.  Anubis

Female names:

1.      Pippa

2.      Twizzler

3.      Iza

4.      Stella

5.      Pepsi

6.      Paisley

7.      Coco

8.      Greta

9.      Endora

10.  Bronte

You can browse through the full list at PetMD.com!

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By Deanna Morono