Older cats and dogs are usually the last to be adopted—and the first to be euthanized. It’s a sad reality. That’s why many shelters and rescues across the country promote November as adopt a senior pet month.

Most people believe that older pets have more problems, but that’s simply not true. Abandoned when their owners move, pass away, or can’t financially provide—most animals just want another home. A place where they’ll be fed yummy meals, given a warm bed, and loved on. 

What are the benefits of an older dog or cat?

Older pets are…

  • ·         Great house guests. They’re already potty-trained and can adapt quickly to your lifestyle. Unlike puppies or kittens, they don’t need 24/7                  monitoring. They’re a perfect fit for young kids and senior citizens.
  • ·         Respectful of your stuff. They’re passed the chewing and scratching phases.
  • ·         Open books. They’ve already grown to their full size and developed their unique personalities. No surprises!
  • ·         Relaxed, cuddly, and very furry. Most of them have mellowed out, are super-loving, and are as cute as ever!

What about your wallet?

Adopting an older pet isn’t necessarily cheaper than getting a puppy or kitten. Some may need routine vet check-ups for health issues, dental work, or preventative blood work. But that shouldn’t deter you from saving a life. Senior pets can still have many years of good health and happiness.

You can make a difference. This November, adopt a dog or cat that’s been passed over because of age. Visit your local pet shelter or go to www.petfinder.com or The Charlotte Humane Society to take the pledge to help senior pets find a home.

By Deanna Morono