Do you have a high energy dog yet not high energy yourself? If so keep reading then head to Fluffs of Luv pet store for your solution.
Dogs are fun, loyal, and loving. Once they acclimate to their new home the uncertainty of their surroundings is replaced with ownership of the home and full energy to keep you moving. Dogs require exercise to burn off the excess energy they store while you are away at work; even small dogs require a walk around their neighborhood. Do you often come home too tired to go that extra mile? Does your dog greet you ready to play? I can imagine the answer is yes especially if you have an energetic breed or puppy. Many pet parents have a difficult time giving their pet the proper amount of exercise for many reasons. Why not make it fun for your pet and less exhausting for you with the simple solution of the Chuckit. It is an easy to use hand held ball launcher that your pet will go crazy over. With a swift move the Chuckit will launch your fury friend’s favorite tennis ball; you chuckit they chase it! Not only do they think you are the best pet parent ever for bringing them home a cool toy, they can get their daily exercise in. It’s great for that quick energy release when you get home for work or a nightcap just before bed so your fury friend will sleep through the night. If you are like many and are looking for that perfect outdoor toy then pickup and few with a bag full of tennis balls and start exercising your dog today!
Whether you are outside in your yard or in the park, the Chuckit can go everywhere and you can sit back and enjoy your pet having fun!

Stop by today and pick up your chuckit along with great stocking stuffers for your furry friend!

By: Arianne Ortiz

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