You’ve been counting down your vacation for months, waiting for a much-needed break. Soon, you’ll be work-free, but not before the pre-vacation panic sets in—Did you pack enough clothing? Did you iron out the travel arrangements? Do you have enough spending money?

If you’re an animal lover, it gets worse. You’re probably up to your eyeballs in cats, dogs, hamsters, birds—even furry bunnies. Packing up the family and driving down to Florida to spend a week at the beach isn’t that simple. Who’ll feed Kitty? Who’ll walk the dogs? Who’ll give Bunny all the attention she deserves? Leaving your pets home is the worst thing any animal lover can imagine doing, but if you are in a position to do so and dont want to hire a pet sitter, you need a pet camera and you need to definitely check it out here. 
Well, you could send the dogs to a kennel—but talk about expensive. Plus, last time you left Fido at the kennel, he was very stressed out. And what about the cats? You could leave a ton of food and water out, but what if they eat or drink it all? Or what if ants attack? And don’t forget how bad the cat box is going to stink after a week!

Don’t fret. Your solution is simple: Hire a professional pet sitter! Here are three reasons why it’s the best decision you can make:

No stress. Your pets can live life normally, from the comfort of their own space. Their routine won’t get out of whack like it would at a kennel, and you’ll never have to worry about them running out of food or leaving messes everywhere.

Personalized care. You can leave a detailed list of instructions for your pet sitter to follow, catered to what your pets are used to. Professional sitters also know how to tell when something’s wrong and are prepared to act in the best interests of your pet. You aren’t hiring the kid next door—you’re hiring a professional who’ll provide top notch quality care. ?

Lots of one-on-one attention. You won’t have to worry about Fido being forgotten in the ruckus or Kitty being alone for days without contact. A pet sitter’s job is to love on your pet like it’s her own. It’s about keeping your animals happy and healthy—and giving you peace of mind.

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By Deanna Morono