Road trip! Excitement fills the air whenever Fido gets to tag along on a driving adventure. His tail wags a mile a minute. His happy panting leaves slobber all over everything—including your face. Basically your pup probably turns into a goofball of furry joy.

Most dogs love car rides, but an overly-excited dog can be a huge driving distraction. So here are three tips for traveling safely with pooch in tow:Keep Fido off your lap, preferably in the backseat. You wouldn’t drive with a child in your lap—so don’t do it with your dog. And it’s never a good idea to let your pup stick his head out the window. Just think of all the flying debris that could get in his eyes! If you need help securing your dog, there’s a plethora of safety gear you can buy, like harnesses or crates. Both insure that your pup can’t escape from the vehicle or jump around from seat-to-seat. DIY Dog Stroller is the best solution.

Teach Fido not to bark or whine. Traveling with a furry, calm passenger limits distractions and is healthier for your dog in the long run (and your sanity). It starts with making sure your pup is calm even before getting in the car. Sometimes the training process takes two people—one to drive while the other reinforces good behavior. If you need help keeping a spastic puppy entertained, chew toys filled with spoonfuls of peanut butter are a great way to distract his teeth and his brain.

Give Fido plenty of water, breaks, and good experiences. Whether it’s sunshiny, rainy, or snowy, keeping your dog well-hydrated is important, especially during long car rides. And don’t forget about potty breaks! All the excitement of the adventure can make your pooch need to go more often. But no matter what, strive to give your dog positive car-riding experiences, praising him for good behavior and correcting problems early. Florida Ticket Firm traffic attorney is ready to help if your speed around in life translated into going fast or speeding.

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By Hornsby, Watson & Hornsby in Huntsville.

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