We may be a bit biased here at Fluffs of Luv, but there are many benefits to hiring a pet sitter
over boarding your pet. Here are a few to get you thinking about whether or not a pet sitter is
the right alternative for you:

1. A Familiar Environment
While boarding your pet is a great way to ensure that they are getting the care they need even
when you are not there to give it, providing the same level of care in the environment your pet is
most comfortable in is ideal. Your pet may initially be caught off-guard by the presence of a
strange human, but the stress of your absence could be compounded by new people AND a
new place (not to mention unfamiliar animals also being boarded in the same facility). Kennels
have their own routines and rules of operation; hiring a pet sitter allows your pet to receive care
according to the routine (s)he is used to. Your dog or cat (or guinea pig or rabbit) will appreciate
being surrounded by the sights, smells, toys, and food it has come to know, and consequently
will be more inclined to accept the friendship of someone new.

2. Personalized Care
Boarding kennels hold large numbers of animals at one time. No doubt, the staff in these
facilities are as attentive as possible under the circumstances. However, it is easy for the needs
of individual animals to be overlooked when one is faced with the responsibility of caring for a
multitude. It’s also unlikely that the same employee will be assigned to care for your animal;
instead, tasks are completed by whoever is working at the time. In-home pet care means a
personal experience, the ratio being one human to however many pets live in your household,
which allows sitters to build trust between themselves and your pet. Pet sitters are often pet parents
themselves and therefore understand the importance of making sure all of your furbaby’s
needs are met. For as long as a pet sitter is in your home, their time and attention belong
solely to YOUR pet.

3. Avoiding Hazards
Boarding your pet of course requires exposing them to other animals, as well as any parasites
or viruses they may have (unbeknownst to their owners). Conditions like kennel cough,
giardiasis and coccidiosis (which are common in puppies), and distemper are all possible for
your pet to contract in such close conditions. There are also the more common annoyances, like
fleas and worms. Keeping your little buddy at home and allowing the care to come to him or her
will let you steer clear of those worries.

Pet sitters are pet care professionals who will love your four-legged family members almost as
much as you do. Not only will they provide attention to your pet on your terms, they will also
keep you updated as often as you like. When you employ the services of pet sitters in general
(and Fluffs sitters in particular), your furry friends will always be in good hands.

By: Gianni Washington

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