Maybe you’re busy with work, or you’re planning a wedding or getting ready for a big holiday party. You make checklists of what to pack, or a grocery list, or maybe even set a schedule for your day to be sure you have time to get everything done.

Have you fo095rgotten anything?

Did you include playtime for Mittens, or a walk (or two) for Spot? While we may be busy running errands, cleaning the house, and making lists, our pets likely have much more free time on their paws. Dogs rely on us to go outside, and get in some exercise, and see the world outside your front door. Are you keeping up your end of that bargain?

Bored and Naughty
A bored, frustrated dog will often turn to less than ideal outlets to vent their pent up energy—maybe unrolling the toilet paper, shredding the garbage, or chasing the cat will become their new favorite pastime. I’ve found that once the dog discovers how fun the garbage can be, it’s a hard habit to break.

To help prevent your dog picking up a new hobby, give them the opportunity to get tired out each day, whether it’s through walks, training, or even just indoor playtime. When the weather is bad, playing catch down the stairs can prove a great energy buster.

Treat dispensing toys or puzzles are another alternative to keep your four-legged friends entertained. Designed to be challenging for dogs of all skill levels, these toys help stave off boredom and exercise mind and body alike. Many pet stores now offer interactive pet activity toys that you can add treats to, or interactive food dispensers that can be used for mealtimes. Show your dog how it works the first time, and then let them at it to investigate.

And if you don’t have time to tire out your pooch, dog walkers or pet sitters can fill in and give your pet the break she needs when you find yourself hard pressed for time.

Playtime, TLC, and ample opportunities for exercise are all part of the package when you hire a sitter for a midday break. And if you’re working on some training, let your pet sitter know so they can keep up the good work while you’re away.

Working long hours can be hard on you and your pet. Give your pet a chance to unwind, and keep their bored, frustrated energy away from your furniture.

By Rachel Leisemann Immel

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