Need a tasty treat for your pets? Make a batch of these tasty treats to enjoy extra purrs and wags. The treats are easy to make and require just two ingredients and no measuring or stirring. Plus, they contain no fillers, which is a boon for pets who need more protein in their diet. They’re also a great option for pets who are allergic to wheat or corn, two common ingredients in commercially sold treats. 

Liver Treats


Liver (raw, unseasoned)

Lemon juice or white or apple cider vinegar


Freeze the liver until it’s “fudgy” inside, but not frozen solid. That makes the meat easier to cut. Slice the liver in consistently thin strips. Cut into lengths the right size for your dog’s size. For cats, cut into kibble-sized pieces. 

Soak the liver pieces in lemon juice or vinegar a few minutes, which helps it dry better. Blot the pieces with paper towels. Arrange strips on racks on jelly roll pans and place in a pre-heated, 275-degree oven. For kitty treats, make sure you turn them every half hour or so. With the oven door ajar, bake for several hours, until the liver is dry, like jerky. It’s important to make sure the treats are completely dry or they can spoil quickly since they won’t be shelf stable.

While the treats bake, keep an eye on the oven. Your dog sitting near the open door may feel tempted to investigate this delicious aroma. And don’t forget about cats’ curiosity! 

If you give plates of treats to friends and neighbors, Liver Treats can include their pets in the fun. Package the treats in an airtight jar. Include a copy of the Liver Treats recipe on a card so they can refill the jar with their own treats.

by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant