You’re used to walking up to your alarm clock every day, letting the dog out (and maybe even getting out for an early morning walk), getting ready for work, and saying a quick “goodbye” to man’s best friend as you rush out the door. You know he’ll be faithfully waiting for you when you get home—six, eight, maybe even ten hours from now.

While your faithful pooch might not mind waiting for you all day, he likely wouldn’t mind a midday visit as well. And most dogs LOVE getting a break in their day, and wait for the second the pet sitter opens the door and clips on their leash. Fresh air! New smells! Potty breaks! Playtime with a new toy!

Have you considered the benefits of a daily dog walker, or maybe even a dog walker a few times a week? If you’re still thinking about it, there are some definite benefits:

  • No more accidents! You no longer need to worry about going into work a little early or working a little late. You also no longer need to worry about finding reliable friends, family, and neighbors who have the time midday to let your dog out. A dependable pet sitter will always be there and even let you know how your dog is doing.
  • Extra exercise for a pup with working parents. And a tired out pup is a well-behaved pup.
  • Your dog will receive one-on-one attention. Let your pet sitter know about any training goals you’re working on and they’ll help your dog learn consistent manners.
  • A pet walker will ensure that your dog is stimulated during a potentially long and boring day. Your dog will walk the neighborhood—smelling, seeing, and hearing all the action outdoors.
  • Even if you’re dog doesn’t enjoy long walks anymore (due to age or health issues), a midday dog walker can still come by to give your dog a potty break and some one-on-one snuggle time.

So you’ve decided to hire a pet sitter? Feel free to ask questions and meet the dog walkers ahead of time. Once they’ve started walking your dog, what can you expect? A happy, healthy, content pup.

By Rachel Leisemann Immel