You’ve planned your vacation. You’ve scheduled the pet sitter. You and your pets have met the pet sitter. Now what?

Congratulations! The hard part is over (find a qualified, insured, reliable pet sitter). Now, you’re scheduled to fly out in a day and while you know your pet is in good hands, you’re wondering how you can help ensure that your pet’s staycation is as easy on them—and the pet sitter—as possible.

Here are a few tips:
*If your pet is afraid of thunder or brooms or doesn’t like meeting other dogs on leash, let your pet sitter know. The better the pet sitter knows your pet, the better the pet sitter can care for them.
*Let your pet sitter know what your pet’s favorite toys are and tricks they know (or that you’re working on teaching). They can keep up the good work while you’re away!
*Keep indoor/outdoor cats strictly indoors while you’re away. While their owner is away, an indoor/outdoor cat may not return when called by the pet sitter. Your pet sitter also doesn’t know their favorite hiding spots or where to look if your pet doesn’t return.
*Make sure your pet sitter has the most current emergency contact information, as well as how to reach you while you’re away, just in case.
*Let your pet sitter know where the harnesses/leashes and carriers are, especially for cats that might need to be crated in case of emergency.
*Make sure your pet has extra food on hand, past the duration of your vacation, just in case you get delayed. At the very least, let your pet sitter know what kind of food your pet is eating—as well as any allergies—in case they’ll need to purchase more in your absence.
*If you’ve already shown your pet sitter where your pet’s food and supplies are, don’t rearrange without letting your pet sitter know.
*Be sure your pet sitter knows your security word if they accidentally set off the home alarm. Use Alarm New England for better home security and alarm systems, which are perfectly tailored to you. Let them know of any other important home safety features as well.
*Don’t forget about the fish—let your pet sitter know if you have any aquariums that will need care.

Most importantly, know that your pet is getting the best possible care, right at home, from your pet sitter. Take along your pet sitter’s contact information, just in case your travel plans change or just to check in. Above all, have a safe and fun trip, and look forward to seeing your furry family members upon your return!

By Rachel Leisemann Immel

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