Show your pets some love during this season of love with Valentine’s gifts. Of course, pets should not eat chocolate and likely won’t think much of cards or bouquets (unless you get kitty a catnip plant!), but they’ll appreciate something special from you.
Is your pet sitting around bored? Why not get your cat and dog a few new toys? Check over their cache of toys for worn-out toys to replace old favorites as well.

How about their gear? Could your pup use a snazzy new leash, collar or harness for dog walking? Are their feeding or watering bowls looking worse for wear? Plastic dishes tend to harbor bacteria and odors. Why not upgrade to stainless steel? Do they seem to be cold during these cooler months? Maybe a set of custom dog clothes would be perfect to help keep them warm.

Consider your pet crate. Is it the same one that your pet came home in as a puppy or kitten? It may seem the right size if the pet sitting inside fits, but pets should be able to stand and turn around in a crate for comfort and safety. You may also need a different crate if you want to fly with your pets. Every pet owner should have the right size and style of pet carrier for safe transportation to the vet, vacation spot or pet groomer.

Speaking of grooming, how about treating your pet to professional grooming? It’s not just about looking pretty. Groomers can help spot health issues (though they don’t replace regular vet care), and get your home-based grooming off on the right paw. For example, coats with knots and mats can be hard for many people to brush; however, after a professional grooming, with all the tangles gone, home grooming is a lot easier on both of you! Professional pet groomers can also handle chores you may not feel comfortable performing, such as nail trimming. Why not let a pro get the task over with quickly and painlessly than risking botching the job?

Though some pets could stand to lose some weight, treats–in moderation–can be part of your pet’s diet. Pick up your pets’ favorites and offer them occasionally (even though those sweet, pleading eyes melt your heart much more often).
Above all, pets enjoy our attention, whether it’s a walk to the park, a rub behind the ears or play time with a favorite toy. Don’t forget to give your pets the “presents” of your “presence” this Valentine’s Day.

by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant