You’re on your way back from vacation, waiting for your flight and looking forward to seeing your pet when you walk through your front door. Your flight has been delayed a couple of times, but you’re sure it’s going to head home tonight.

Except, it doesn’t. Your flight is cancelled.

You need to find a hotel for the night and let work know you won’t be in tomorrow. You hope you packed some extra clothes. As you rebook your flight, you realize that you don’t have a backup plan for your pets at home. Rover will need to go out. Snowball will need to get her medicine.

You consider calling a friend who has a key, but she lives an hour away. You don’t have the neighbor’s phone number. You don’t have any family living nearby who would be comfortable walking the dog.

Let your pet sitter know! Working with a pet sitting company ensures that a reputable, experienced pet sitter will be available to check in on your pets, and extend your service. Since they’ve already been working with your pets, your pet sitter knows the routine and your pets know your pet sitter.

A pet sitter offers one-on-one attention, stimulating walks and/or playtime, and snuggle time in your pet’s favorite spot on the couch. Even though you might be stranded at the airport for an extra day, you’re a little more comforted knowing that your pet is happy and relaxed at their very own home sweet home, safe and sound with a pet sitter they love.

A pet sitter will care for your pets just as you would until you can get home and snuggle them yourselves.

Working with a pet sitter ensures your pets will be happy and at home no matter what time you walk through the door.

By Rachel Leisemann Immel

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