Pet food storageIf you purchase dry kibble for your pets, you need an effective means of storing it, especially if you buy large, economic bags of food. Otherwise, it can becomes spoiled from moisture, rodents or insects. Or, your pet can help himself from the opened bag. Few pets need the extra calories of an all-you-can-eat buffet, so try these tips for effectively storing pet food.

Of course, any container you use should have a secure lid and sized to accommodate the largest bag of food you buy, plus any measuring scoop or cup you use.

Plastic tubs and lidded buckets provide airtight storage. Select a container that’s food grade so it doesn’t leach chemicals, odors and flavors into the food. Most general storage bins, trash cans, and the like are not food grade. Shop in the food storage section of a department store or at a pet supply shop to find something appropriate. There is also a variety of options avaialble at

If you store pet food in the kitchen and want a more attractive container, consider housing a plastic container inside a potato bin or wooden trash bin. (Just label it so guests won’t toss trash into the kibble!) You could also find a container the right size and shape to fit in a cupboard. Measure your space before you shop; eyeballing it is harder than it seems.

You’ll need something sturdy if you store pet food in an area where it could attract rodents. Used popcorn tins may provide a good option, since they once contained human food and can also keep pets and pests out. Many of them are painted with attractive scenes on the outside, also. However, some people like to keep their pet food out of the house, in something similar to these Backyard Storage Sheds. If you have raccoons or bears in your area, you may need to ensure the building is sturdy. Farm shops or online stores can likely supply outdoor buildings to keep your pet food secure and dry from weather or animals.

Each time your bin empties, wash it with warm, soapy water, rinse it well and allow it to air dry. Pets are very sensitive to odors, so get rid of all soap residue before drying.

If you change how or where you store your pet food, let your pet sitter know so your pets receive their dinner right away. You should also let your pet sitter know of the brand and variety of the food in case you run out of food or something happens to your supply of food while you’re on a trip. That way, your pet sitter can supply your pets fed with the same, familiar food.

by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

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