And we thought potty training was just for kids…..

We are not all the dog whisper. You spend a lot of time on the internet more and more looking for advice. We also find ourselves looking more and more at YouTube, or searching the web for information on how to not just potty train but train our pets in general. At this point you need to remember that not all you read or any information you get will go for your pet. Just like humans all pets are different. You could get that really cute big eyes of excitement from your pet, or you could get that head cocked to the side look like “you want me to do what?”

Follow simple steps to make sure that you do not overwhelm your pet. Always be sure to praise them for a job well done. As humans, we like to be told when something we did was great, our pets just want a treat and a belly rub. Another good point is to NOT rub your pets nose in there mistake, that will make them more scared then anything. We all need to remember that it takes time and patience as well, this is not a trick that happens overnight. If you feel the pet needs more time being taken outside to grab the habit better but you don’t have the time, have a pet sitting company or an available friend to do a couple short visits during the day.

Google it, Bing it, get your very own training book, or just ask an expert. Be aware you have to train yourself before you train your pet. Training your pet will benefit you and your pets in so many ways. Training your pet is both a science and an art. Some pets are a lot harder to train then you could ever imagine and think it will never happen, but it will. There are lots of places to look and lots of people close by with tons of experience that can give you steps to training your pet correctly.

Remember to be patient, don’t yell, and praise them all you can for the good they do. The most simple, easy way of handling this situation is to think about how you would like to be talked to or treated when being trained. I recommend lots of potty breaks and lots of love, it works every time. They are very smart, they are not perfect but that try their best to be, just for you! The end results will be a happier pet and a happier owner.

By:  Sam Peake