Scratch! Scratch! Scratch!

Does your dog sit around scratching and nibbling, driving both of you crazy? You can likely treat his ailment at home with some home remedies for dog skin allergies itching issues. Try these natural tips for itch-free skin.

Give your doggy some spa treatment with a soothing bath. Tea tree or peppermint oil (both of which help deter fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, too), chilled herbal tea, finely ground oatmeal, apple cider vinegar or olive oil all soothe dry skin and won’t hurt your dog if he samples some. Dilute in bath water per package directions.

Apply vitamin E to itchy spots by breaking open a capsule and rubbing it on his skin (parting the fur helps). Evening primrose oil and extra virgin coconut oil represent additional treatments.

As for preventing itchy skin, consider if your dog could have flea bites. Look for flea dirt or actual fleas on his coat. If you see one flea, plenty more are already in your house. Sprinkle borax powder on your carpets and furniture and vacuum it up. Immediately empty the canister or dispose of the vacuum bag and place it in a trash can outside of your home. Otherwise, the flea eggs you vacuum up can hatch and continue the cycle. Apply diluted lemon juice directly on the dog with a spray bottle. Sprinkle Brewer’s yeast on his food to also help deter them.

Your dog could have a food allergy or sensitivity. Some dogs react negatively to food that contains wheat, for example, and benefit from a rice-based kibble. Discuss with your vet about switching your dog to a different food. Also mention supplementing his food with vitamin E or extra virgin coconut oil. These beneficial oils can help his skin and coat become healthier.

Chemicals, such as the laundry soap you use on his dog bed, could irritate his skin. Switch to natural versions to see if this helps – or look into designer dog beds which are often hypo-allergenic/do not track the smell/chemicals in from the wash.
Regular, gentle grooming can get rid of skin irritants he picks up on walks. Just be extra careful around any sores on your dog’s skin. Tell your dog groomer about any skin issues you’ve encountered and ask for tips on how to best groom your dog between visits.

If your dog licks and nibbles more than scratches, and presents no other traits of skin irritation such as redness, sores or flaking, the superfluous grooming could stem from boredom or nervousness. Try giving your dog more exercise, chew toys, and play time. Have a pet sitter drop by for a walk while you’re gone to break up your dog’s long day.

If these tips don’t help the problem, talk with your vet.

by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

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