Charlotte pet sitterThe sights, sounds and smells of summer are sneaking up on us.  Hooray!  If you’re like us, you’re probably suffering from a little bit of cabin fever and maybe thinking of a vacation.  But, you might also be a little hesitant to leave your pets behind.  We completely understand! Many pet parents often wonder if it’s more beneficial to leave their pets at a boarding facility or enlist the services of a professional, in home pet sitter.  We’d like to share with you a couple of the benefits of hiring a pet sitter to come in and care for your pets while you’re away.  

A kennel environment is not for every pet.  Why not?  There’s a lot going on at a kennel.  Taking your pet to a boarding facility can be a major trigger for stress.  We all know that stress can cause major health issues. The sounds and smells are enough to put your pet into sensory overload.  In a kennel environment, there are a lot of animals coming and going.  Barking, crying…cage doors slamming.  It’s a foreign environment for your pets and let’s face it, your pets don’t understand why you are dropping them off and leaving them with strangers.  They are left to wonder if you are coming back and that is scary!  Additionally, a kennel environment puts your pet at risk for contracting distemper, kennel cough, intestinal parasites, fleas and worse.     

In home pet sitting involves little to no stress for your pets.  Your pet gets to stay in his own territory.  He can sleep in his bed (or yours), he’s surrounded by his toys, his treats, and his food.  Your pet feels safe at home!  Your pets are probably used to leaving them as you go off to work or day trips and he knows you always come back! A professional pet sitter caters to your pet and his schedule!  He can eat his meals as he usually does, he can romp around and play like he usually does too.  Extra long walks and belly rubs will no doubt be on the top of your pet’s list! A professional pet sitter is basically your substitute while you’re away.  Your pets like routine.  In fact, they crave it.    Also, your professional pet sitter is trained to handle emergency situations – from illness to injury; your professional pet sitter will have you covered! The best part is that your pet sitter will keep you abreast of how your pet is doing while you’re away so you’ll never have to worry.

In home pet sitting provides many benefits to you and your pets!  If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of in home pet sitting, please let us know!

By Noelle Dunn

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