Now that sun and summer are (finally) upon us, we’re lathering up with sunblock, wearing shorts, and donning tanks and flip flops. Man’s best friend is equally happy to enjoy the nice weather, but how can we help them enjoy it safely?

*Walk in the early morning or late evening. When the pavement feels hot to you, it feels hot to your dog’s paws too. Let them walk in the grass, or keep walks to early morning-or late evening after the pavement has a chance to cool from the hot sun.
*Give your dog plenty of water while they play outdoors. Keep it out of the sun to help it stay cool longer, and consider adding ice cubes. Ice cubing fishing just might turn into a favorite backyard activity with your dog-expect a wet (and happy) dog with this game though.
*Provide a kiddy pool or sandbox filled with water for your dog to splash in. On a hot, humid summer day, what better way to stay cool?
*If your dog (or cat) will be home all day, consider leaving the air conditioner on for them, or maybe invest in a cooling comforter. If you come to turn on your air conditioning unit and find that it is not working as it should, you may see it fit to contact someone to fix it, especially in the blistering heat of summer; for HVAC Repairs in Montgomery AL, you may want to get in touch with AirNow Cooling & Heating. If you don’t have air conditioning, leave a fan on or let them hang out in a cooler room, such as the basement. If your dog is kenneled while you’re away, a fan made specifically for kennel doors is a good option to help him stay cool. Stop by midday to check on them in especially hot water, and provide a cool drink of water.
*Provide a special summertime treat-chicken broth ice cubes or ice cream made especially for dogs make great, cool treats for our furry friends.
*Keep your pup safe-don’t leave your dog in a hot car on a warm day for any length of time. Even on a cool summer day, and even with a breeze, a car (even with the windows cracked) will very quickly get too hot for your dog-or you. And don’t leave your pup tied out in the sun (if they’re outdoors at all, provide access to shade and cool water).
*Watch for heat stroke and protect from sunburn. If you’re dog is suddenly fatigued, panting heavily, vomiting, or seems suddenly confused, contact your vet-or an emergency vet-immediately to check them for heat stroke. Get your dog to a cool area and cool him down with tepid (not ice cold) water. Blow a fan toward him.
*Protect from sunburn. If you pet has a light colored and short hair, apply a pet-specific sunscreen to easily burned areas, like the tops of ears and the nose.

Your pup wants to be by your side and enjoy the nice weather with you. Now that the weather is warm and sunny, we all want to enjoy it-just enjoy it safely.

By Rachel Leisemann Immel