Hike, Swim and Doga With Your Pup

Summer is here, the sun is out, and the sky is clear. Your home on a perfect, warm, sunny day with your faithful pup by your side. What are some fun activities you and your pup can enjoy together? You can walk, play in the backyard, visit the dog park-but what else?

Take a Hike
Dogs, just like their people, like to get away from it all as well. Pack up the car (don’t forget extra water and maybe even a puppy snack) and head out to a local park, hiking trail, or even just a new neighborhood you haven’t explored yet. If your pup is up to it, consider giving them their own backpack to carry their supplies in-this is also a great way to help tire out a high-energy dog. However, not all dogs may want to carry a bag, in this case, you may be better off looking for larger backpacks that are still easy to carry while hiking, such as these internal frame backpacks as an example.

Visit the Local Swimming Hole
Some dog parks are on the edge of lakes you can explore with your pup, or some parks may allow dogs. If you’re a paddler, consider taking your pup along on your next canoe or kayak trip, just keep safety in mind. Invest in a puppy lifejacket, and if you need to have your dog leashed while on the boat, be sure to tie the other end of the leash to you-not to the boat, in case it were to flip over. Choose a life jacket for large dogs if your furry buddy is really big. If you’re kayaking with your dog, you might want to think about purchasing your own kayak and trailer. This will allow you to go when and where you want, instead of being limited to certain rental places that may not allow dogs. To find a trailer, reading reviews such as The 6 Best Kayak Trailers for 2020: Review The Easiest Ways to Tow a Kayak may help you determine which one you prefer.

You and your pup can enjoy a splash in the water even if you’re not visiting a lake-add a kiddie pool to your backyard and fill with enough water to splash around it-this is a great and easy way for both of you to stay cool on a hot summer day. You might have already seen a pool you like and there might be some similar ones available on bonnie & clydes pools and spas if you need a little more inspiration. The pup will definitely enjoy a pool, especially on a really sunny day. Pentair pool is a good option.

Check Out the Local Hot Spots
Visit a new locale that you haven’t visited with your dog yet-just be sure to double check that your dog will be welcome before you let him tag along. Check your area for dog-centric activities, or consider visiting the more people-focused activities with him, like a farmer’s market, or maybe just the downtown shops. Be sure your dog will be comfortable in a busy area, meeting new people and animals, before you go.

Try a New Training Challenge
If you’re looking for a new challenge for your dog, consider teaching him a new, handy trick, like picking up his own toys (I’ve seen a dog who can actually do this). You could also start some basic agility training (some dogs end up loving jumping over the back of the couch-and will do it frequently once they know they can), or you can just teach them some fun tricks. A new training challenge is also a great way to pass the time and tire out an energetic pup if the weather is bad.

Pass the Time on a Rainy Day
What else can you and your pup do when bad weather has you stuck inside? Some dog daycares offer indoor weekend playtime, if your pup is one who loves to play with a pack.

Or, if you decide to stay home, a rainy day is a perfect day for an at-home spa day for your pup. Clean their ears, comb their fur, give them a bath, and trim their nails. If you want to go all out, you can even blow dry them and apply some doggie nail polish (some pet stores do carry nail polish just for our furry friends).

You can also just spend some time relaxing with your pup. “Doga” is just what you might think-yoga for dogs, and it can be a great bonding and relaxing time for you and your pup. A quick web search on “doga” will pull up how to websites and videos if you want to try it. Depending on your dog and how willing he’ll be to have you help him into some “doga” poses, but with “doga,” expect some massaging, stretching, and a (hopefully) relaxing time with your pup.

By Rachel Leisemann Immel