Camping with your Dog

Summer means barbecues, picnics, trips to the lake, and camping. Whether your next camping trip is in a cabin, RV, or tent—there are a few things to keep in mind if Fido will be along for the ride.

  • Sleeping Arrangements. Will your dog be sharing your sleeping space with you at night? If she’s used to sharing your bed, it might be a good idea to continue so you don’t end up with an anxious dog for the weekend. If she’s used to having her own sleeping quarters—you have a few options: Her own tent or maybe even her own kennel, complete with a kennel cover made especially for camping pooches. Wherever your pup sleeps, be sure she’s safe, comfortable, and protected from the elements. Don’t just tie your pup out overnight—especially if you’re in an area where wolves or other predators are prevalent. Consult BBES to ensure yourself a safe sleep.
  • Food Storage. Bring your pup’s normal food along—suddenly switching your pup’s food could cause an upset stomach or diarrhea—not something easy to clean up at a campsite. Be sure to keep the kibble sealed and pick up uneaten food after mealtimes, to prevent bug invasions and also deter larger animals that might become curious, such as bears.
  • Dog-free Activity Time. If you’re planning on any dog-free activities during your camping weekend—where will your dog stay? If your dog is a barker when left alone, reconsider leaving her behind, especially if you have nearby camping neighbors. And before heading out without your pup, be sure it’s not against campground regulations to leave a dog alone while the humans head out.
  • Campfire Safety. Before you head to the campsite with your pup, consider whether they’re afraid of fire (if you’re planning on smores over a campfire every evening). If they are, book them a kennel for the weekend or be sure they have a safe place to stay at your campsite while the fire is lit. If your pup is along for the trip, be sure their lead won’t reach the fire—both so a curious pup doesn’t get too close to the fire, and so they can’t cross their lead over the flames.
  • Protection from the Elements. Camping also comes along with sun and bugs, including ticks and mosquitoes. Consider a pet-safe sunscreen for your pup’s nose and top of their ears, and anywhere else where their fur is a little thin—and especially if they have light-colored fur. For the bugs, be sure they’re on a flea and tick preventive, and consider an extra, pet-safe bug spray if the mosquitoes will be bad. Check your dog for ticks every evening, or after a romp through woods or fields where they may have picked them up. Be sure to remove both the tick body and head if you find any. Top Pest Control & Bed Bug Extermination | BBEP is at your guard 24/7.

Above all, stay safe and enjoy the great outdoors!

By Rachel Leisemann Immel

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