Happy Pet Sitting Client in Charlotte Pet Sitting in Charlotte, NCUnderstands and Created a Company to Meet Your Needs

When you decide on a pet sitter, you feel comfortable with the care giver and the company. You have called references and asked questions. The pet sitter has interacted with your pet, and the company is properly licensed, bonded and insured. But how do you know a pet sitting company has your best interests at heart?

The first test comes before you ever leave your pet in another’s care. Fluffs of Luv owner Jennifer Fagan insists on a complimentary initial visit. “It’s a way for the client to evaluate us as a company and make sure sitters and pets click and that the client and sitter click.”

“For pets, especially dogs, if the energy around the sitter does not mesh well with the pet, it won’t go well. We can pull in a different sitter. It’s (built on) relationships,” Fagan emphasizes.  “Customer service is paramount,” she says, smiling and sitting straight up in her chair.

Her office staff has been together for years. And Fagan, who goes in to work daily, quickly gives credit, consistently saying “we” and emphasizing that “If we don’t have these girls, we don’t have anything.” She said, with staff nodding in agreement, “We decide almost everything as a team and make sure it makes sense.”

All clients have a primary and back-up pet sitter, and clients can meet any sitter by simply making the request.

After a successful initial meeting, the pet sitter is prepared to visit your pet as scheduled on-line or at the introduction. The second test of whether you have a good pet sitter is whether the pet seems happy when you return, and if you have a diary or journal entry from the pet sitter detailing the visits.

Another indication is that your pet sitting company thinks ahead and works with others to lessen the time you spend on pet errands. Fluffs of Luv offers transportation to grooming clients. The company continues to research services to benefit their clients, and this played a part in their moving to 315 Main St #3a in Pineville and offering grooming services. They even offer poop-scoop services to regular clients.

Fluffs of Luv was born for the same reason as others: because of Jennifer Fagan’s love for pets. She had used a pet sitter in the past and loved the experience, citing the “phenomenal one-on-one care.” She was intrigued when a neighbor friend asked her if she wanted to help pet sit while the kids were in school. It quickly went from daily dog walks to full-time pet care. After about a month, Fagan had contracts, a website and a plan while becoming a busy pet sitter. She spent three years doing regular visits herself, with a full schedule, all the while hiring other pet sitters. When her business partner moved away, she bought the business and continued building it herself.

Owner Fagan has had pets her whole life and currently has cats and dogs. A UNC-Wilmington graduate, this bright marketing major saw a need for grooming, and expanded her services to include grooming in October 2013 and even transportation to the FoL groomer. Food, toys and treats are available in the retail area of the grooming area. She knows some dogs need more play a day a week than a pet sitter can provide in thirty or forty-five minutes, so she works with a dog daycare near the grooming facility.

Cats are not forgotten! Fluffs of Luv provides pet sitting for single or multiple cats, grooming and has cat food and cat toys in the retail area of the grooming facility.

Fagan understands the need for trained pet professionals and puts pet sitting candidates through seven steps and tests to ensure their integrity, capability and training. This is when background tests and reference checks happen. Then after a pet sitter is hired, the individual accompanies a seasoned pet sitter for “shadow training”. Pet sitters with experience giving medicines and injections or fluids may choose to accept those pet sitting assignments. Pet sitters who are not specifically trained do not care for pets with special needs.

Fluffs of Luv had independent  contractors(ICs) for the first seven years but moved to an employed workforce in order to better train and manage the quality of her pet sitters’ services.  “ICs can make their own rules,” Fagan explains, continuing that pet sitters are better educated on best practices, and ICs are not trained, by law. Employees have flexible schedules, but the employer can better manage quality.

We treat your pets just like you would and ensure their safety and well being. We understand it’s hard for pet owners to keep an eye on their pets the whole day due to work and other forms of responsibilities. Thus while buying a pet camera at a store or online ensure to check their guide and see the various kinds of pet camera that are available in the market before making a choice.

Read more about Fluffs of Luv and the services they offer at www.fluffsofluv.com

By Beth Crosby

Fluffs of Luv Pet Care offers an array of customized pet care services, including in home pet sitting, dog walking, cat only pet sitting, overnight visits and cat and dog grooming. As the most reputable pet sitters and dog walkers in Charlotte and the surrounding area, Fluffs of Luv has put countless clients at ease by caring for their cherished companions while they were away.  Give Fluffs of Luv a call for a free in home consultation for pet care or to set up a grooming appointment 704-421-3492 or visit www.fluffsofluv.com. Don’t forget to book your give back bath on Thursday’s.  All breed baths only $25 on Thursday and $5 is donated to rescue of the month!  Call 704-440-4080 to set up your bath or schedule online www.fluffsofluvgrooming.com.