How to Pet Proof Your Yard

Your yard may be a beautiful green landscape for you and your family and neighbors to enjoy-seemingly safe enough since the yard tools are put away and the pool in fenced in. But what about for your pet? Dogs outsideFencing-a sturdy, solid fence high enough that your most energetic pups won’t be able to jump over it is safest. Iron fencing presents an escape risk for dogs that could squeeze through the bars (never underestimate a motivated escape artist). Electric fencing doesn’t keep other animals out of your yard, and doesn’t keep fast animals in. Many quick, motivated dogs can easily escape an electric fence by running through the shock they get at the end-and then they don’t return because they know they’ll get shocked coming back through. If you do install a solid fence to keep your pets in (and other critters out), check it regularly for loose posts, holes, or spots at the edge where your pup may have been digging. You could also talk to a landscaping team like this Las Vegas landscaper for example and see how they’re able to create a safer yard for your pets while still keeping it beautiful for you, your family and friends.

  • Plants-keep your yard free of poisonous plants. English ivy, elephant’s ear, and rhubarb are all common plants that are toxic to our furry friends. You can find a list of plants toxic to pets here. Add a fence around your garden if your cat or dog likes to hang out in it. If your dog likes to dig, consider getting them their own sandbox and teaching them that the sandbox is all theirs to dig, frolic, and roll in.
  • Tasty non-vegetation-while you might think of the plants our pets may chew on, don’t forget about the unedibles like hoses, chairs, and rugs that might be outdoor chew temptations for our pets. Don’t leave your dog alone with them until you know your pet can be trusted.
  • Boredom-even in the backyard, on beautiful, sunny day, our pets can get bored in the backyard. Don’t leave them alone until they can be trusted in the backyard, and even then, be sure to (at minimum) check on them every few minutes. A dog can quickly eat enough grass to make them sick (or a rock, which my dog has done) and a cat can quickly slip through a crack in the fence that you didn’t notice. When your pet is outside, plan on hanging out outside with them.
  • Pest control-be sure that any pest control or yard maintenance products you use are safe for pets, or if you decide to hire someone else to do it for you, ensure any products they use are safe and that they are local to you so you’re not waiting for ages for them to get to you, for example, if you’re local to Lousiana you’ll want to find pest control experts in louisiana to help you out. It largely depends on what your budget is and how much time you have on your hands, but you could always do it yourself if you feel that is your preference. A number of these products are all-natural and safe for pets, but if you do use the more toxic products, keep in mind that they’re more dangerous for your pets than they are for you (learn details from specialists at Rid My Critters). A dog (or cat) spends more time closer to the ground on which the products were applied, and will also lick the product off their paws, and potentially ingest it as they investigate new smells in the yard. So, it is best to address a reputable pest control service, so you can be sure they use certified chemicals. Go to Franklin Pest Control Inc website to learn more about one of such companies. If you have a backyard pond or pool, make sure the water treatment products are safe as well.
  • Escape points-if you’re going to be exiting or entering through an outside gate, or your friends and neighbors are, make sure that everyone knows your pet is outside too. With the width of common fence gates, an open gate, even for a minute, presents an easy escape point for our furry friends.

With just a little bit of time and consideration, your backyard will be safe for everyone-people and pets alike. Just be careful, before you know it, you could be the prime puppy playtime spot for all your friends!

By Rachel Leisemann Immel

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