Pet Parents Are Awesome

We love our pets. We feed them, we bathe them, we snuggle them. They’re our furkids. We work, we play, we take care of our human family, and we always make sure we have time to take care of our furry family. Here’s why animal lovers are awesome:

  1. You’re a nice person. You have compassion for all creatures, big and small, creepy and crawly (maybe), human and not-human. You don’t sweat the small things, since, let’s face it, if we can upset every time we found a hairball, cleaned up an accident, or told the dog to get off the counter, we’d be crazy.
  2. You take your pet to the vet at least once a year. If you could cure every puppy cold, itchy paw, and watery eye, you would. But since you know you can’t, you go to someone who can. You protect your furry friend with vaccinations, keep him safe with preventive visits, and maybe just stop by the clinic to say hi to his friends in scrubs.
  3. You feed healthy food, tasty treats, fresh water, and the chewiest chew toys. You check out the Blue meals for kitties. You buy the squeakiest stuffed toys, the bounciest balls, and the most durable tug toys. Your pets are happy pets.
  4. You might buy the best you can (and our pets don’t want anything more), but you know your time is the greatest gift. Walks, snuggles, car rides, lazy days curled up together on the couch–you know that our pets just want you. Maybe they just want you to take them to the dog park, but know that spending time with your pet is time well spent. Spend a weekend away and watch their tail wag when you pick them up from the kennel if you want to see just how much you mean to them.
  5. You show your pet all the love they deserve. All your pet has in this world is you, and you know that. That’s why you take care of them and shower them with snuggles, kisses, and love day in, day out.

Your pet loves you, and have you ever noticed that you feel better when you’re around your pet? Data shows that pet owners are happier, and tend to be healthier, too. Spending time with our pets puts us in a better mood, and is a proven stress-reliever. Dog owners have lower blood pressure than our non-pet-owning counterparts, literally creating healthier hearts. Babies raised in families with pets may be less likely to have allergies or asthma. Need more reasons to adopt that adorable puppy?

By Rachel Leisemann Immel