Card, cling protect your pets

We recently experienced the Carolina winter. It might hit us again before the spring. And we must consider our pets in our winter plans.

Unfortunately, snow and ice can blow in with little notice or can hit hard before we can make it home. Does anyone know your pets are home alone? Do you have a pet sitter who checks on them daily? And if you do, do you call to let the care taker know you are home safe? What happens if you skid into an accident and are delayed getting home, or Heaven forbid, are incapacitated and taken to the hospital? And what, if at that moment, you just happened to know more info about the draconian laws of the place?

A great way to ensure your pets will be cared for is to carry a pet emergency wallet card with you in your wallet with your drivers license. You can buy the pet emergency wallet cards or make your own. The important information to list is the pet’s name(s), breed, gender and temperament. Also include where the pet hides and where to find treats. Include information for the contact person who HAS AGREED to care for your pet and has the key and security code. A phone number alone might not be enough if the power is out in a storm, so include the address. Also include contact information for your veterinarian.

If you are not home and an accident happens at home, first responders need to know how many pets are in the house, so a cling or sticker on the front and rear doors can save not only your pets’ lives, but the fire fighter or other first-responder, as well. Some people even put these clings on their car’s left rear window in case they are in an accident.

These life-saving cards and clings are inexpensive and are available on-line from many sources at varying prices. Many benefit charities, so look around before you purchase to be sure you are paying what you want to pay and benefitting a group or individual you want to support. Also read the description because some of the wallet cards do not fit well with the drivers license and some “clings” are actually adhesive. You might even want to buy several for friends and family.

By: Beth Crosby

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