Pet Poo Pickup Prevents Illness
By Beth Crosby
Many people think that leaving dog feces on the ground is healthy for the grass. However, feces is toxic and carries bacteria, viruses, disease, and parasites.

Pet and livestock manure differ?

Farm animals eat grass, seed or corn. Their feces is full of nitrogen from their foods, which is helpful in cultivating a healthy garden. But manure is composted before it is added to soil and is used in measured amounts. Composting builds heat that kills bacteria and disease before manure is added to the soil, and manure is added months before plants are consumed.

Never leave feces on the soil

Some people wonder about the benefit of using pet feces for composting. According to Cornell University, “Homeowners should not use any manure from dogs, cats, or other meat-eating animals, since there is risk of parasites or disease organisms that can be transmitted to humans.” ( In fact, Colorado State University goes as far as to say, “Not even fresh manure of any kind should be left on the surface of the soil because of possible E. coli contamination.” (

Dogs and cats are carnivores and should eat mostly protein, which passes through their systems, depositing protein wherever they relieve themselves. Both protein from stools and ammonia from urine burn grass. Feces left to decompose can seep into the groundwater and run into our lakes, streams and ponds, providing an ideal habitat for excessive algae to grow. After the algae die, their decomposition takes the water’s dissolved oxygen from healthy inhabitants, harming the ecosystem.

Dog feces carries millions of bacteria

One (1) gram of dog feces carries 23 million fecal bacteria. A gram is about the weight of a paperclip, or 0.00220462 pound. Feces that decomposes in the soil can contain parasites, such as roundworms, that can live in the soil for up to 10 years.

Flies pick up feces on their feet and deposit the hazard wherever they land, whether on you, your dog, or your kitchen counter. Children and other animals track the toxic dangers wherever they go if they hit one of these “land mines” that pet owners warn about. Not only is stepping in dog poop disgusting, it is dangerous. Bare feet have about 2,000 pores, which are some of the largest pores on our body. These pores allow toxins and bacteria into our bloodstream. Just the mere thought of all that bacteria that you may potentially come into contact with may make you decide it best to arm yourself with a bottle of Hand Sanitizer on your next walk.

Any adequate bag without holes works?

Pet owners and care takers, bag your pup’s poop. Estimates in the U.S. are that 38 to 47 percent of pet owners do not pick up after their dogs. Some neighborhoods and parks provide stations to get bags and deposit bagged waste. But responsible owners carry bags. While bags are available for poo pickup, even in biodegradable forms, any bag will do. Grocery bags, poop bags, sandwich bags, and even fruit bags from the produce section all work. In fact, using bags you already have meets three goals. You pick up after your pet , reduce waste, and reuse bags.

Fluffs of Luv offers poo pick-up

So for the health of you and your pets, as well as the safety of the yards and water you enjoy, carry a bag and pick up the poo. Then dispose of it in a waste can. If you prefer to have someone else do the dirty work, Fluffs of Luv offers weekly Yard Doo-Doo Clean Up. (


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