Purrfect Paradise provides pampered cat care
By Beth Crosby
Is your cat your purrfect companion? Is he or she regal, poised, demanding of your attention and respect?

Purrfect Paradise Cat Hotel in Pineville (PurrfectParadiseCatHotel.com) offers an innovative approach to kitty care with cat-only boarding. Your cats can stay in the comfort of large cage-free suites from 6′ x 9′ to 11′ x 13′. Each family of pets shares a room. Purrfect Paradise allows ample space for multiple cats to lounge and play. Most suites even have large windows looking outside. Each themed room boasts climbing shelves and interactive toys to keep your kitties active and entertained.

Staff are at Purrfect Paradise Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and provide care on the weekends, so your cats have the comfort of humans nearby while enjoying their autonomy. We are open by appointment only, so our feline visitors are as calm as if they were at home. We visit our guests and interact as much as they like in addition to feeding, scooping the litter and providing medications. Cats can play and sleep on their own schedules.

Your cats like consistency, so we encourage you to bring their cat food in a sealed container. If your feline is finicky about litter, you may bring an unopened container of litter. Of course, personal items are also permitted. Some cats like having an article of the owner’s clothing to snuggle, and we want them to feel safe and comfortable.

Of course, we completely sanitize the suites, toys and litter boxes between guests to ensure their safety, and we require proof of rabies and FVRCP (feline distemper) vaccinations.

Our experienced cat care professionals understand feline temperaments and enjoy the company of cats from Abyssinians to Tonkinese. We have many cats among our in-home pet sitting clients, but Purrfect Paradise Cat Hotel caters especially to cats and their people. All care givers are vetted and background checked, as well.

Owner Jennifer Fagan didn’t have cats until she was a young adult, but since she got Morris, she hasn’t been without the company of kitties.  Now she has three; Lily, Emma and Comet.  “Cats hold a special place in my heart, and I think they should be pampered and treated like royalty. Our cat-only hotel provides that level of care.”

We provide medications from pills to fluids. Administering pills and injections is included in the stay with no additional fees.
Prices are reasonable, especially for a family of cats, starting at $25 per night.

Visit PurrfectParadiseCatHotel.com for requirements and to schedule an appointment or call 704-440-4080. And like us on Facebook to follow our exciting updates. www.facebook.com/purrfectparadisecathotel It’s the cat’s meow!