New prescription medicine calms anxious dogs
By Beth Crosby

Sileo offers hope to owners of anxious dogs. If your adult dog suffers during fireworks and thunderstorms, this formulation for use at home might offer help.

Expands use of proven treatment
The Sileo formulation approved by the FDA and now available to pet owners is an oral version but in an “EXTREMELY low dose (compared to the dose we give as an injection),” Dr. Julie Reck of Veterinary Medical Center in Fort Mill said.

Nearly a third of dogs are traumatized by noise, and their owners feel the anguish but have not had a resource until now. This oral gel can be easily administered between the teeth and gums and has proved to calm suffering pets while they continue to interact normally. Of course, all dogs will be different and certain products may not work to calm your dog, if you’re still struggling to find a way to relieve your dog’s anguish, perhaps research into cbd for dogs to see how different cannabidiol products could help your doggy friend.

Calms fear and destruction
As pet sitters, we have seen dogs hide under furniture when they hear fireworks, thunderstorms or other noise, such as alarms. They break teeth and hurt their paws trying to escape and can destroy homes in their distress. Sileo offers a calming alternative to medicines such as Xanax, developed for humans and prescribed for animals, which can cause pets to be disoriented or sedated.

Prescribed by veterinarians
Only your veterinarian can prescribe Sileo, and puppies and some dogs with health concerns are not candidates for the drug. Pregnant women should not handle the oral syringe. So ask your vet if Sileo is a good fit for your anxious dog.

Each $30 syringe contains enough gel for one to ten doses. Dosage depends on the dog’s weight. The medication takes about 30 minutes to take effect and lasts for 2 to 3 hours. An open syringe can be used for 2 to 3 weeks.

“We are really excited about this product,” Reck said. “The medication in Sileo has been around in veterinary medicine a long time… in an injectable form that we give to sedate or quiet pets for quick painless procedures such as X-rays, orthopedic exams, nail trims for fearful pets, etc.”

At Fluffs of Luv, your pet’s care and comfort is our primary concern. We are happy to administer Sileo at no additional charge during our regularly scheduled visits. Call us or visit today to schedule visits for your summer travels.


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