Protecting pets is easier than ever
By Beth Crosby

We take our dogs with us, whether for companionship or fun, and we want to keep them safe. Some of our cats need a little intervention, too.

Take a look at the options below.

Doggles – Have you seen these goggles for doggies? Letting our dogs ride with their heads out of windows, in sidecars, and in the beds of trucks poses real danger to their eyes, ears, and even their heads and bodies.

Doggles protect dogs from foreign objects, wind, and UV light (glare and light sensitivity). This protective eyewear comes in many models, and all boast flexible, snug-fitting frames with foam padding against the face with the canine head shape in mind, polycarbonate (shatterproof) and anti-fog lenses; and adjustable elastic head and chin straps.

Sizes fit dogs from 3 to 250 pounds.

Life Vests – All dogs can’t swim, so whether you are enjoying the pool or a boat, a life vest is crucial for Rover’s safety.

Brightly colored life vests help boaters, skiers and jet skiers see your dog in the water.

“In the case of extreme fatigue, strong currents or a blow to the head, a well made life vest (can) keep your pet afloat, and strong handles can aid you in rescuing him from the water,” according to The Modern Bark.

Any vest you consider should be lightweight, brightly colored with reflective strips, have handles and well-rated flotation; and dry quickly to prevent chafing.

Ruff  Rider Roadie – When traveling in a vehicle, always secure your dog. A seatbelt and harness combination that allows your dog the freedom to sit, stand and lie down comfortably is far superior to a kennel that can break or shatter on impact.

The Ruff Rider Roadie allows your dog to comfortably see and feel part of the family in the car but still remain safe and secure in its seat or equipped cargo area. This harness and connector set is easy to use, especially if the pet is accustomed to wearing a harness. “The Roadie Canine Vehicle Restraint is designed to meet the same stringent standards that human seatbelts must meet,” according to Auto Geek, and the webbing exceeds standards for a human seatbelt. The Roadie’s design prevents chafing and will not choke your four-legged friend.

Leash type – Retractable leashes make walking dogs easy. Pups can roam and have a little freedom, BUT they also can run free and rip the hard plastic leash handle from the human’s hand. The break-away puts both the dog and walker in danger. The dog can run upon unsuspecting people and animals, causing an accident or biting incident or run into the street. Meanwhile, the human must retrieve a dog that enjoys playing chase. Sometimes the walker is injured in a fall, especially if a smaller person walks a strong dog.

The safer option is to use a leather or canvas leash with the leash handle securely wrapped around your wrist. Don’t just hold the leash loosely in your hand. Wrap the loop of the leash securely around your wrist and hold onto the length of the leash with the same hand as the wrist that holds the handle.

Reflective Leashes – Walking dogs at night can be dangerous. Both people and pets need reflective tape or clothing when walking after the sun disappears. Athletic stores sell reflective gear, tape and tennis shoes for  humans. Reflective leashes and collars are available from pet specialty outlets. If your cat goes outside, a reflective collar is a sensible option for Fluffy, too.

LED Leashes – BriteDoggie LED Pet Safety Collars have a switch that lets you choose a steady light or two blinking options and comes in six colors. The lights don’t bother the pet because the collar rests behind the head. These battery operated collars offer neck sizes as small as nine inches and up to 30 inches. For an introductory period, the 48-inch leash in matching colors can be added for $10, for a total of $29.97. Cat owners, in particular, appreciate the breakaway side buckle release.

As we take our pets with us more and more, we see?and invent?many safety options. The list above is a brief introduction. What accessories do you recommend for pet safety? Let us know in the comments.

At Fluffs of Luv, your pets’ care and comfort is our goal. Call us or visit today to schedule visits for your fall and winter travels and daily visits or to ask how we strive to keep your pets safe.


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