Dog Envy Dog Training

Dog Envy Dog Training


Servicing the Charlotte and the surrounding area.  Everyone wants balance in their home and having a pup with basic skills under their belt makes all the difference. Whether your pup is young or in their “teenage years” we have a dog training program that will help!  

Free Consultation at our facility!  We will arrange a time for you and your dog(s) to meet your trainer at our facility. We will discuss any questions and address any issues you are having with your pup and what you would like to accomplish during your pet’s training program. Your trainer will also be able to see your pup(s) in action and get to know them.  During your consultation your trainer will come up with a game plan and work out a schedule that suits your pups specific needs.  Call to set up a consultation 704-421-1992. Consultations can also be performed at your home but there will be a $30 consultation fee.  Check out our website  

Dog Envy Undergrad I (beginner)

Undergrad I is a perfect starting place for any pup wanting to learn the basic building blocks. In Undergrad you and your pup will focus on Managing Unruly House Behavior, Jumping, Chewing, Crate Management, Safe Socializing, Play Management (reduce nipping) and Potty Training Basics (should you have a young pup).  All private dog training lessons will be tailored to your pups specific needs.  We also offer this class in a group setting.

Board and Train Program

Your pup will stay with our trainer for a minimum of ten days.  After the ten to fourteen days of training ends you will have a pick up lesson to go over everything they learned while they stayed with us and a refresher lesson.

Dog Envy Alumni Continuing Education

Dog Envy Alumni Continuing Education are group classes for graduates of the Undergrad program.  We will put up a monthly schedule of where and what time we will meet, typically in a local park or at our facility.  During our group continuing education we will play games that work on techniques learned prior to make sure the skills you and your pet have learned stay sharp.

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Behavior Modification

Could your pup’s behavior could use some improvement?  Are you looking to change the way your dog reacts to a certain situation, animal or person?  Behavior modification can help with that.  We will use the foundation of obedience dog training as a tool to help overcome the unwanted behaviors.  We will also try to get to the root cause of the behavior so that your dog feel more at ease should the situation arise again.  

Just for fun Trailing

This is more of an output for dogs that already have obedience to have a fun “job” to do. This also helps with building a stronger bond with the dog and the handler as well as helping some nervous dogs build confidence!   

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