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Dog grooming in charlotteBe sure to join Fluffs of Luv at our downtown Pineville cat and dog grooming salon, where your pet can enjoy their very own spa day! A bath, new hair cut, nail trim, and even pet supplies are available. Regardless of breed, size, and age, all dogs and cats are welcome! 

Our certified master groom, Carla, answered a few commonly asked questions that you might also be wondering when you call to schedule your appointment:

My dog has never been groomed before. What should I know before I bring him it?

Make sure your pup is up to date on all shots. If your new pet is just a puppy, she’ll get a puppy introduction to familiarize her to the grooming process. We’ll show her around and let her have a sniff at the equipment, such as the trimmer, we’ll be using. We want your pup to like coming to the groomers! 

Also, be aware that the first few times grooming may take a little longer so we can spend quality time with your pet.

What's included in the grooming package?

Bath, nail trim, haircut of your choice (or a standard breed haircut). We can also express anal glands, if needed. 

How can I keep my dog looking his best at home? (And should I really be brushing his teeth?)

Brush on a daily basis! Brushing will help your dog get used to being touched all over (helpful for the groomer and the vet office) as well as keep her coat looking its best, as well as preventing any mattes in her fur. Nails can be trimmed at home, or you can make an appointment with us for just a nail trim. 

Teeth should be brushed on a daily basis as well! Brushing will only be effective if you are consistent. Dogs and cats have plaque buildup just like we do.

Should I get my cat groomed regularly?

While it is true that cats normally clean themselves, regular brushing or combing will help at home. 

A grooming appointment may be necessary if the hair is too long around the anal area and needs to be cleaned up. We can also remove mattes in your cat’s fur. 

Claws also need trimming, which we can help out with as well.  

dog groomerWhat kind of training do you have? How long have you been a groomer? 

I learned one on one with a master groomer and then become a master groomer myself. I’m also certified in creative style and color. 

I’ve been grooming for over 25 years! My favorite part of the job is being an artist to the pets. Making pets feel great is such a joy!

By Rachel Leisemann Immel

Fluffs of Luv Pet Care offers an array of customized pet care services, including in home pet sitting, dog walking, cat only pet sitting, overnight visits and cat and dog grooming and more. As the most reputable pet sitters and dog walkers in Charlotte and the surrounding area, Fluffs of Luv has put countless clients at ease by caring for their cherished companions while they were away.  Give Fluffs of Luv a call for a free in home consultation for pet care or to set up a grooming appointment 704-440-4080 or visit 

You know all about adding a new furry family member to your household. But what about baby? Here's how you can ease the transition.

Especially in the case of a first child, the whole experience can understandably bother cats and dogs that have previously been the center of your attention. 

Babies demand a lot of time. Since you can't add hours to the day, your pets will likely receive less of your time. Help them adjust by gradually lessening the time you give them one-on-one attention before baby is born. Work on your pets' behavior problems such as a dog's nipping and jumping up or a cat that swats. 

Maintain a quiet pet retreat far from where you'll primarily care for baby. That way, pets can withdraw to their food, water and litter when the crying bothers them.

Anytime you introduce something new that involves the baby, offer treats and petting. Set up baby's gear early so pets become used to baby gates and furniture. Allow pets to smell items such as diapers and baby lotion so these scents become part of the household.

Introduce baby to the pets by bringing home a blanket or other item with baby's scent on it. Lay it on the floor where your pets will find it. 

In addition to new smells, a baby brings new sounds to your pets' world. Play videos of a baby crying and cooing.

Shortly before the baby is form, have your pet groomer trim your pets' nails and smooth them. Even a loving pet can get excited and scratch by accident. Pet nail trimming can help minimize the chances hurting the baby, so keep handy the phone number of your cat and dog groomer.

When baby comes home, don't force an introduction. Hand baby off to someone else so you can greet your pets and reassure them. After your pets have been fed and feel relaxed, place the car seat on the floor with baby in it, sit down with them and allow your pets to check out the new family member. Again, offer treats and attention. 

If your pets shows teeth, hisses or growls, remove the baby, but don't scold the pets. Try again later.

Don't leave your pets alone with baby. Pets can unknowingly hurt infants by playing too rough. Restrict their access from baby's room during sleep time or use a crib tent and baby monitor. 

Above all, try to keep your pets' regular schedule, such as feeding time and visits from a pet sitter (once mom is back at work). Once your pets see your love for them continues, they'll readily accept the new baby.

by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

Fluffs of Luv Pet Care offers an array of customized pet care services, including in home pet sitting, dog walking, cat only pet sitting, overnight visits and cat and dog grooming and more. As the most reputable pet sitters and dog walkers in Charlotte and the surrounding area, Fluffs of Luv has put countless clients at ease by caring for their cherished companions while they were away.  Give Fluffs of Luv a call for a free in home consultation or to set up a grooming appointment 704-421-3492 or visit  

Cats spend many hours licking and grooming their fur because they love to stay clean. In fact, back when people bathed perhaps monthly, campaigns to improve human hygiene cited cats' cleanliness as an example from the animal kingdom. Despite their inclination to groom themselves, cats could use some help from human caretakers.

1. Grooming your cat promotes bonding between you two. For cats, brushing feels like receiving a light, whole body massage. He loves how it feels and associates that good feeling with you. 

2. Grooming offers a way to reward your cat. A quick ear scratch or chin rub doesn't put any calories in his body, unlike a treat. Replacing goodies with grooming may help cats prone to heaviness stay healthy and slim. 

3. Grooming can help you keep tabs on your cat's health. If you're familiar with his body through grooming, you notice any lumps, skin problems or injuries.

4. Regular brushing also helps reduce swallowing the excessive hair that leads to hairballs. You'll also find less hair on your furniture and carpeting. 

5. Especially if yours is a long-haired cat, brushing at home can reduce your need to pay a groomer to detangle knots. If you groom regularly, you can reduce matting and keep your cat's coat smooth.

Don't just use an old hairbrush to groom your cat. Instead, select the right kind of brush for your cat's coat's density and length. 

Sometimes, knots seem to form despite a caretaker's best efforts. Don't yank at knots or try to clip them out, since it hurts the cat and can even injure his skin. In these cases, it's better to allow a professional cat groomer to remove the knots. 

That way, your cat can avoid unpleasant associations with you grooming him. Professional pet groomers use techniques that make removing knots easier on the cat. 

Brushing your cat is more than vanity. To improve your relationship and his health, start brushing your cat today.

by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

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